Bellavista is a small community about 3 hours away from the city of Tena. The leader of this community, Pastor Ramiro, took a leap of faith by moving from his home in Ibarra to the jungle to serve as the lead pastor of this community. The church has been working on providing access to clean water, as many families still depend on rain water or collect water from the river.

They are also working on a multi-purpose building that that is about to be finished. With this building, they will have a large community kitchen and a space for the children’s ministry.

One of the dreams is to have a large community garden where everyone in the community can participate in. In this way, everyone in the community will have better access to more nutritious fruits and vegetables, as they currently have to travel by canoe to buy them in a nearby town; making it expensive and not accessible for many families in the community.

Pastor Ramiro has also been working in communities around the area by sharing the Gospel and creating discipleship opportunities. teams traveling to this community, will most likely help out with the community garden project, men and women ministries, and creating several kid’s programs-focusing on water education and nutrition.