Carmen Bajo

Carmen Bajo is a very poor community situated on the side of a hill. Most of the parishioners live in the area. Unemployment is high (70%); most jobs that are held are manual labor - maids, factory workers, some 'professional' masons and plumbers.

The church of Carmon Bajo consists of two parts. One is the former church building, which is now the center for social services. The Compassion International Program is held here along with a preschool and other education programs. It is still in the process of being constructed, to add more classrooms. The building is now four stories tall. The Compassion office is on the first floor along with bathrooms and the pre-school classes. The second floor has 4 classrooms, storage, and the pastor's office; the third floor is a large multi-purpose room and a kitchen. There are also classrooms in the back.

The church services are now held in a different location that is more accessible to the public. The building is also still in process of being constructed. The dream is that it will be a five-story building, to hold all church activities including a new sanctuary, church offices, Sunday school classes and parking. Currently, the new building is under construction.


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