Cristo Liberador

Cristo Liberador is an Episcopal community that began serving the area of Comité del Pueblo about 30 years ago and plays an important role in the community. 

After 30 years of being around, the people of the community know the church and its members well. Prior to the foundation of Cristo Liberador, the community had no church to guide them in their spiritual needs. When a priest was found, he began to visit homes within the community;  shortly after, the church bought the building where they still meet today.

As Episcopals in Ecuador, the church sometimes feels like a very small, isolated group. When teams visit the site, it helps the congregation feel like they are a part of something larger and that there are others who share the same faith and love of Christ, as well as who desire to share their stories. 

Cristo Liberador wants to be a bridge between the Evangelical Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  They desire to grow slowly, but deeply, and to share with brothers and sisters from the groups that visit and those new experiences. The church also has a dream to build a nursing home in order to help the elderly who are the most vulnerable and lonely.

Brief description about Rev. Lourdes (Lula)

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